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Brazeau Dam and Around

A short field trip to the Brazeau Dam and around the ‘field’ in search of some Industry themed photos.  I’m a big fan of contrast and this kind of content lends itself well to gritty high contrast post process treatments.  To see more of these go HERE


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Time for another grandbaby!

Well, the wait is nearly over.  The newest addition to our grandchild collection is about to arrive.  The young parents made their way to the city early this morning, traveling through thick blowing snow and poor highway conditions in order to make their appointment at the hospital.  They’ve chosen to be induced, on account of being overdue and living an hour away from the hospital.  So this is it!  Their first child, our only grandson (so far), took two days to be born after mom was induced, so we’re anticipating the same or less of a wait for this one.  I’ll be traveling to the hospital tomorrow to meet up with the family and join in the fun of the waiting game; hanging around in the patient lounge, eating hospital cafeteria food, and drinking as much coffee as possible.

I’m including some impromptu maternity images we did last week.  The best way to view these images is by clicking on any one of them to open the slide viewer.

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