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Morning Walk

Every day I walk my dogs.  Nothing really unusual about that; most dog owners do the same.  But this morning, however, I took some short video clips of the stuff I see early every spring.  Short and Sweet was my goal with this video, with very little post editing and processing.  Since iPhone video doesn’t allow you pause a recording, I needed to use iMovie to put my clips together into one video….but good enough is never really good enough, is it??  So I went one step further and added music then slowed down the last clip to make it all fit.  You might recognize the music as the intro to Sun Is Shining by The Fireman (one of my favorite tunes).  Enjoy!!

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Easter Craft

A great Easter weekend here at GandL Lodge…..three of our children, all three grandkids, a mom and two nieces graced our home with chatter, laughter all kinds of activity.  Although the weather was beautiful, most of our time was spend indoors.  I think it was because of the muddy and wet early spring conditions in the yard!  The kids (except the baby, of course) enjoyed dying and decorating eggs with bright colors, stickers and pompoms.


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