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St. Patrick Day

For St. Patrick’s Day I give you an image with green in it.  I’m not going to wear green today; there are no leprechauns here to pinch me.  Apparently, this pinching thing all started in America, probably in the early 1700’s.  It was thought that wearing green made you invisible to the leprechauns who would pinch anyone they could see (anyone not wearing green, that is).

This image is of one of the tunnels behind the Niagra Falls.  I remember visiting there as a child when the guard rail was positioned right at the far edge and getting very wet standing out there being while being amazed at the shear power of the falls and deafening thunder it created.  Over the years the railing has been pushed back about 4 meters or so because of the rapid erosion of the cliff face being scrubbed by the 150,000 U.S. gallons of water falling per second.  I wasn’t planning on a great shot of this tunnel; too much contrast, no tripod, water on the lens…all that.  So just for fun, I duplicated the single image I did get 4 times and adjusted the exposure of each one to give me 5 images of varying exposures.  What you see here is the faux HDR version I got using Potomatix.  There is way too much noise in the shadows and the water looks weird, but the green of the slimy stuff on the walls just came to life making this scene kind of spooky.

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It’s About Time


It’s that time, once again, to change our clocks in the ‘spring ahead’ direction, losing an hour of our sleep.  I think most of us are glad that the change happens in the middle of the night, so when we wake we don’t really notice our loss.  Unless it’s a work day or you attend sunday school, it really makes do difference if you even remember to wind it forward or not. The technological era we live in simply can not and will not let us forget about the time change.  Cell phones, computers and some alarm clocks are set to accommodate daylight saving time for us, one less thing for us to be concerned with.  All the same, I think it’s good for us to notice and acknowledge the time change.  Not only is it a convenient time to change the batteries in our smoke detectors and alarm systems, it’s the perfect time to take stock of our spare time and what we do with it.  If you find you don’t have any, get some.  Make the time to have free time, and don’t let the official time keepers rob you of that precious spring hour, even if they are sneaky enough to do it while you sleep and clever enough to offer it back to you in the fall.  So tomorrow, instead of wondering how you’re going to get done all you need to get done in a 23 hour day, reclaim your stolen hour and allow yourself to do something you might otherwise not do.  It’s your time, after all, and no matter what you call it, 7 o’clock or 8 o’clock, it’s still there for you to spend.

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