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Snowy Day

Gettin’ hammered with tons of snow.  We’ve been wake up to an additional 20cm of snow piled high on top of the fence posts, mail boxes and cars…..everyday!  And spring is only 5 days away, officially that is.  In this part of the world, though, spring doesn’t really get here till May.  It’s not all bad…I just love a winter scene.  These images were taken yesterday during a big snow…I just love how thick it was and how big the flakes were.

It’s fun watching the dogs run through the deep snow, too.  The big boys have no trouble plowing through it, but our smaller border collie cross…..not so much.  She looks like she’s swimming dolphin style in the snow.

Tuk Tuk is the one pictured here.  He’s a favorite with all the kids in our lives cuz he’s so cute and fluffy and polar bearish.

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Fall Colors

Fall colors are upon us!  La Nina dictates it won’t last long.  This is a fine art version of our Faerie Forest as the ground cover is turning bright red mixed with yellow and lingering green.

A small bush has already completely turned to its beautiful fall red. Stunning against the yellows greens and oranges of it’s surroundings.

My favorite part of any season is the transition time from one to the other.  When the coming season is fighting for front stage against the current established season already in full swing.

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