The Race

My shorts are stuck in my bum; everyone’s looking. If I put my back to the wall I can pull them out and no one will see. That’s better. I should go to the track now, I don’t want to be late. Have they started yet? Where’s the start line?
“Laura, over here. Your race is about to start”
Oh, there it is. I should’ve peed before coming outside. Just follow the group and it’ll be over soon. I’ll just keep running back into the school, no one will notice. I hope.
“On your marks..” Oh jeez, here I go. There’s long legs Jenny. She’s the fastest girl in school. “…get set…” Come on, come on. I gotta go. “…GO”
Oh yeah! Breath, breath, breath. My legs are going so fast. I’m running so fast my feet are hardly touching the track. I’m flying, I’m flying. People are shouting my name, “Go, Laura, Go”
Wow, am I in front? Where is everyone? Oh, boy; long legs Jenny is behind me. I’m winning, I’m winning. There’s the white line. Jump over the line and….yeah, I won!
Everyone’s yelling at me. “Don’t stop! Keep going Laura. The finish is over there…” What? Where? Oh no, keep running. This is so embarrassing. Disappear, I want to disappear, please. There goes long legs Jenny. Everyone is passing me. I can’t move my legs fast enough. I’m losing, I’m losing. I don’t want to be here any more.
Breath, breath, breath. I still have to pee, bad. Go legs, you better start working. Don’t pee your pants, don’t pee your pants. Faster, run faster. Huh? Everyone’s slowing down. Everyone’s cheering. Is this the finish?  Don’t care right now.  Jump another white line and keep running. Now’s my chance…to win, to disappear, to pee.


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