Music Festival Photo Gig

This year is turning out to be a busy one for me and my camera!  So far, two weddings and a music festival!

I guess one of the benefits of living in a small community is that everyone knows everyone and everyone knows what everyone does.  Of course, you’ve got to tell people what you do, but soon after you blab about yourself everyone else knows about you!  And that’s how I scored the music festival.  When I was first told about it, I thought it would be about 4 or so local guitar players jamming in the park….you know, camping, drinking, eating and singing over the weekend and calling it a festival.  Oh how wrong I was!  Pembina River Nights Music Festival is far more than a weekend jam session.  Located north of Evansburg, Alberta in the middle of nowhere is a campground along side the Pembina River called Rangeton Park. This is where the magic will happen……..two nights to enjoy the music of 12 amazing artists from across the country.  I’m not a music critic, nor do I know anything about it, but I can tell you this: after checking out the websites of the performers and listening to their music, I am so excited and completely convinced this will be one very impressive jam session!

Yikes! so now I’m a bit nervous about taking the pics for this event.  I’ve never taken pictures of live music before….wait just a cotton pickin’ minute, I have!  In Victoria, BC not long ago, G-Hub’s dad was playing with his group, Capital City Big Band, in an outdoor downtown square.  I took some pics for fun, cuz that’s what I do , and posted them here.

The main difference here will be the lighting.  Most of the action will be during twilight and after dark.  The fastest lens I have is my 50mm 1.8 and the longest is 200mm 5.6.  I have a great wide angle for the big group stuff but I’m wondering if I should rent a fast long lens.  I could rent the 70-200 2.8 and use a converter to get more length.  The next big difference is the fact that for the festival I’m supposed to be there, getting up close and in behind and all over the place and with everyone, including the artists!  OMGoodness, I’m gonna need to stock up on batteries for my SB900 too; it’ll be getting a good workout that weekend, I’m sure. I can’t believe how stokeed I am about this!!!

guitar 1

For a complete list of the performers and more information go to the  festival’s website, be sure to buy some tickets and I’ll see you there!


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