Sayonara facebook!

It’s official….I’m breaking up with facebook.  I’ve come to realize that most of the stuff I see posted on fb everyday is stuff I don’t really need to know about; like text posters about love and pictures of items from our past or promises of good things to come if we like a post and then repost it on all our female friends’ timelines.  I just don’t care about those things.  I do, however, love to hear about what my friends and family are up to;  special holidays, new jobs, people getting hitched, the kids and their accomplishments, which is why I hooked up with fb in the first place.  I just know it would be better to hear about it in person or over the phone.  I feel like I’ve lost touch with many of the people in my life and I’m sure fb has had a lot to do with that.

So, facebook, I bid you adieu!

Well now, having said that……I will be keeping my Slivers and Stitches page!  Does it have to be all or nothing??  I would still like to be able to share with everyone my photography and knitting and, in the warmer months, my woodworking.  This page can help me do that.  So if you would still like to see what I’m up to you can like my page and you could also subscribe to my blog (which I plan on using just as much as I used fb, if not more).


A peaceful pond in a japanese garden.

I want to stay connected with everyone, I just want to do it with real live human contact, so let’s keep in touch.

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One thought on “Sayonara facebook!

  1. Yes…it’s very easy to get too wrapped up in the virtual and neglect the real, natural world around us….

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