Our Trip to Maui

This year was the first of, hopefully, many family trips to tropical lands.  The whole lot of us flew via Westjet to sunny Maui, Hawaii this past October.  We stayed at a lovely townhouse style condo near Honokowai called Mahina Surf.  Each of us had a check list of the things we wanted to do while in Maui and I think, for the most part, all the boxes were checked.

The traditional ‘feet on the beach’ shot

My list was short….surf, hula, snorkel, waterfall and beach…….check, check, check, check and check!   And the bonuses included sunrise at Haleakala National Park, swimming with a green turtle (video coming soon), a long drive down The Road to Hana and a Luau.

D.T. Fleming Beach

We took a million pictures and its taken me weeks to edit them down to just a few hundred!!  I’ve posted them on my website for you to see and share if you like.  Inside the Maui 2012 gallery there are 9 albums to look through.  I still need to do some sorting and naming but at least they’re all there.

I hope you all enjoy!

Black sand beach on the Road to Hana

Click Here to go to the Maui 2012 Galleries page on my website

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