First Pattern for Sale

That’s right…I finally did it.  I’ve dug deep, pulled out my inner inventor and created a knitting pattern for a blanket, a baby blanket, and now I’ve posted it in both my Ravely store and my Craftsy store.   And I’ve gotta say….setting up those stores wasn’t easy.  The one for was actually quite straight forward, but the one was a brain bender.

Super Thick Brioche Carseat Blanket

The two blankets I made were for a new set of twin boys and I chose Spud & Chloë Outer in Bayou, Hedge and Sandbox.  I inverted the blue and green colors to make a ‘same same but different’ pair.  Really fun trying to figure out how much yarn I would need and I did, in fact, have to order more to finish the project.  You could make it with just two contrasting colors for the two color brioche stitch body and use your favorite of the two for the i-cord border.  This blanket is a very quick knit once you get your groove on for the brioche stitch!

Heads Up!

I’m in up to my elbows making fingerless mitts to sell on my estsy shop….they should be posted by the end of today!


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