A Story

There once was a girl.  Things weren’t going so great for her lately and there were more down days than up days.  But, whatever, she’s a bouncy rock and a survivor of anything, so life goes on…and on…and on.  Alone now and with a couple of kids and a full time job, days off were filled with running errands.  Today’s tasks included stuff that took her to the city.  Three buses there and just a many back makes this trip an all-dayer.  Downtown was always full of people, especially mid week.  Always waiting and standing in line.  Always time to think and daydream and wonder.  Thinking about how it seems there will be no end to the loneliness; daydreaming of the perfect life with a guy who loves her and her kids; wondering what her life would be if she had made different choices.  Isn’t that what every girl thinks about?

Last errand complete and she’s on the first bus home.  As it sits and waits at the bus stop for the scheduled time to leave, she just turns and looks out the window.  There is a working crew there fixing the sidewalk or something.  Not sure why or how it happened, she finds herself in an eye-lock with one of the workers.  He looks through the window at her just at the same moment her eyes found him.  Without looking away they stare into each other for and eternity.  He’s just an ordinary guy with long messy hair and freckles and she’s not attracted to him, but she is still drawn to him.  When he sees her he stops whatever it is he’s doing and through his eyes he exposes his soul to hers.  All sound and motion stop and there is no one else on earth as the two souls meet and wind together in the empty space between.  The coalescence of their souls is intense and powerful, but at the same time, uncomplicated and easy. There were no expectations or rules, doubt or guilt; just freedom and contentment, self-abandon and…..love.   Love?

And then it was over just as quickly as it started.  The bus pulled away and drove around the bend breaking the bond between the two.  She takes a moment to catch up with herself; blinking and shaking her head to bring herself back to the present.  What was that?  What just happened?  Who was that?  And why did it happen to her?

The thoughts of this encounter haunted her thoughts for days afterwards.  It was surprising to her to realize that she had no need to find out who that guy was.  It seemed unimportant to understand what the whole thing was, and more important to realize the effect it had on her and her outlook on life.  Her close encounter of the soul kind has, in fact, changed her forever.  Before involuntarily baring her soul to a complete stranger, hope for a brighter future was diminishing.  She was sure her life was doomed to one of singularity and loneliness; raising a family alone and never earning more than minimum wage.  But now, she’s discovered that anything can happen and it can happen anytime, and without notice.  It is possible for two people to share a kindred spirit and not only be compatible, but exist to enhance and vitalize each other’s life.  Good things will happen for her, someday.  But all this looking and waiting for better things was killing her soul.  She was going to let go of all those confining ideals and free herself up for some spontaneous awesomeness to happen.

Even though she has no need to find him or know who he is, she will always remember that freckled face on the sidewalk crew; the one with the messy hair and fervent stare who affected her wholey and rekindled her love of life.  She wonders if their shared experience at the bus stop has also changed his life in some momentous way and if he remembers her too.

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One thought on “A Story

  1. Geoff says:

    WOW. powerful and intense. nice work darlin

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