Where did all the babies go?

A couple of baby girls are gonna be born this July to each of two lovely young ladies I know here in DV.  I remember when the sex of the newbie was always a surprise; whether you wanted it or not.  Seriously, when I was expecting my daughter, 20-some years ago, you had to get doctors orders and a special appointment to have the altrasound to be told the sex of your babe.  Nowadays it seems to be a standard operating procedure.  They don’t ask you if you want to know; they ask you if you don’t want to know!  I guess it’s all about being prepared; finishing the nursery in the appropriate color, collecting the wardrobe in the right styles, and choosing a name.

Well, I’d have to admit that I’m glad to know the sex of these two babies because I was able to choose, start and finish the knitted gifts long before they arrive.  I’m nearly finished both bundles and there is still about ten weeks left.  Yeah!

I can’t wait to meet the little divas and give them their gifts.

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