Idea Pinball

Sometimes my brain suffers extreme idea overload and I can’t seem to focus on any one thing. I can just picture all those little idea bubbles pin-balling around in my head, crashing into each other and exploding into many more tiny idea bubblettes making it even harder for me to sink just one for the ‘high score’. I need to learn to sort and organize my ideas, making it not only possible, but probable that my resplendent and extraordinary ideas will have a better shot of coming to life. Let’s see….the first and most obvious thing I come up with is Write It Down, duh! (my mind is already clogging up with ideas on how to sort my ideas!) After I get a grip on writing things down, I’m gonna practice Do It Now. This involves actually making a decision on what idea to do and actually doing it. Or at least getting it started. Oops, scratch that! Finishing a project is the hardest part of starting a project. Someone please quote me on that…I just made it up! So no more At Least Getting It Started and more of Visualize The Finished Project. Not that there’s anything wrong with have a number of projects going on at the same time. Be as busy as you like, but if you have a dozen or so unfinished items, you might want to reconsider starting another until you wrap up some or all of your current endeavors. Or you could Ditch The Duds. Really, if it’s not working out in spite of all your efforts, get rid of it, start over or start anew.
Ok so, I’m taking a deep breath….and now I’m gonna go back to the beginning and write out my ideas.


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