Embracing Blue

Blue, perceived often as a colour of melancholy or coldness, found between green and violet on the colour wheel, used to describe x-rated movies or workers wearing uniforms, has so eloquently pronounced itself the current theme of my thoughts and the soul of my snaps.  This is not a bad thing, though, nor does it mean I’m depressed or that I occassionaly and involuntarily don my husband’s hardhat and steel-toe boots.  It does, however, mean you’ll see a few more of my blue themed images, at least until spring begins to show itself. Which is close, by the way.  I did see, just today, a large raven hauling a small tree through the sky towards the forest where I think he must be building a nest, getting ready for the annual egg laying and chick raising routine.  Unlike the common crow, which starts nesting and laying eggs in April, the raven starts this ritual in March!  Incidentally, if you look closely, both the raven and the crow have an iridescent blue colouring in their feathers.  Hmmm….there’s that blue thing again. Today’s image is one taken in Ontario last summer while visiting the relies. I don’t know much about these windmills except that they’re an alternate and greener source of power. They’re huge and beautiful and if you’re lucky enough to find a road leading to one, with no one working on it or guarding it, you can drive in close and walk up to it to hear the slow and deep whah whah as the sleek and slender blades gently slice through the wind.  Because of the interesting clouds and the deep blue sky offered up as background, it was a good day for snapping these dragons from the ground up (unless you have a helicopter, that is the only perspective possible here).  This kind of depth and drama in the sky just screams for an HDR treatment to highlight the details and a cooler white balance to accentuate the beautiful blues. It’s not hard to embrace the cool spirit of  the blue season, what with all the natural splendor and delightfully scenic vistas around us.  I would even go so far as to say I’m enjoying it; especially since it’s almost over.

Blue Power

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