A fresh Start

It’s the first month of a new year and the entire world is brainstorming new ideas, resolutions and ways to make their lives better.  I’m no exception to this annual phenomenon, only this year I’ve decided to focus on what’s really more important-making your life better.  How can I, an ordinary woman living an ordinary life, make a difference in the world of others?  I can gather up all my skills and talents (I personally know how hard that is to do), wrap them up in a neat little bundle (LazaPhotography-Faces), and deliver that bundle in the form of a website, blog, face book page, brochures, business cards and personal presentations to all the people I know and all the people I don’t know.

When you look inside that bundle, this is what you will find:  A creative photographer with a vision of smiles, warm hearts and beautiful photographs of you and your family that you can treasure for a lifetime.  A daydreaming nature lover taking extra effort to make your photographic experience fun yet relaxed, exciting yet unhurried and, most of all, memorable.  An honest business woman offering beautiful products like prints, canvases and albums as a way for you to show off and share your new images.

So welcome to my new beginning!  Look around, sign up, leave a comment…..I’d love to hear from you!


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