a sudden strong and unreflective urge or desire to act

The eastward view from our home is not that great…..until sunrise.  Of course you can’t expect a great one every morning, or even every third day or every second Wednesday of the month.  Weather is unpredictable.  Sure, the weather man can tell us if its going to rain or snow or be a sunny or cloudy day, but we all know he’s been wrong a time or two!  You just have to plan to be ready for those beautiful sunrises and sunsets, lightning storms and rainbows, odd cloud formations and foggy mornings.  Well, because that’s not going to happen everyday you have to improvise when awesome nature slaps you in the face and says ‘hey! over here. Take a picture!’  As it did this particular morning while I was sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee and checking e-mails.  Our table is surrounded by windows and the view just before dawn was it’s usually blueish color.  Suddenly, and I do mean suddenly, everything outside turned a pinkish orange.  Everything….the sky, the lawn, the trees, the fields!  It was spectacular!!

The colors of this morning’s sunrise reached from horizon to horizon, north to south, east to west.  In my jam-jams I grabbed my camera, left the tripod in the car, and went to the front porch.  Have to work fast-too dark to hand hold-increase the ISO-open up aperture-still not enough light!  Ok, use the slower shutter speeds.  I shoot for abstracts to the east.  I walk out to the yard to see the rest of the sky and decide I need my tripod.  So after adjusting the camera settings again, I shoot the scene to the south for HDR, and get in closer to the western sky and the tip of our tipi.  Within minutes all the colors faded and the moment passes.

I’m happy I didn’t stay in bed that morning and even happier I actually acted on my impulse to get out and shoot.

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