a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream

The woods are the perfect place to spend some time dreaming and contemplating.  If you can simply lie down, close your eyes and listen to the quiet of the woods, the thoughts and ideas will just start rolling in your brain.  And when you open your eyes, what you see in the forest is distorted by the way the light through your eyelids plays tricks on your vision.  The air suddenly seems pearly,  the colors seem brighter and everything takes on a certain dreamy glow.  And so this is the look I was after this day in forest.

Unfortunately there is no ‘dreamy glow’ setting on my camera.  This is a quick fix in PS Elements, though.  This sort of painterly dreamy glowy look is know as the Orton Effect.  I found instructions on how to do it using PS, but some of the functions used are not available in Element.  I needed to improvise and, after numerous attempts, I found a way to get this beautiful and arty look.

Its as easy as this:

1.   Open your image in Elements and either save as using a different name or duplicate the image.  Its a good idea to preserve the origninal.

2.  Duplicate the background layer and change the blending mode to screen.  This will give the image an overexposed look.  You can adjust the opacity if it becomes far too bright.

3.  Flatten the image and duplicate the new overexposed background layer.

4.  Apply a gaussian blur filter.  I have found that a radius of 25 works for most images.

5.  Change the blending mode of the blurred layer to multiply and adjust the opacity to suit.

That’s it!

This is the original image of the one above.

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