pierce and make a hole or holes in

The Leaf

Holy stressful waiting, Batman!  Although I own our house with my husband, I wasn’t a player in the original purchase.  I haven’t yet had the experience of forking over everything you have to a complete stranger in order to acquire that special dream home you’ve been planning for years.  Only, after the papers are signed and you’ve given up all rights to your first born, you realize that you don’t actually own that dream home.  The bank does and you’ve just put yourself in a very big hole of debt!  So now  we are in the ‘waiting for finances’ stage of purchasing a 1/4 section of land with a partially built log home on it.  We have 2 days to waive the finance condition and it’s driving me batty!!!  I truly want, no, need this to happen.  Although the fear of it sneaks in at times and I think being homeless would be better than being in debt.

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