Before the Sunrise

My wonderful husband, Geoff, and I are planing  day driving around the countryside looking for properties for sale. At my request the day started super early….5:00am early. I wanted to do some more exploring with the possibilities of shooting before the sun comes up. I had just read the e-book by Dave Delnea BELOW THE HORIZON and was completely inspired by his words and the spectacular images in the book. Can’t be that hard. Right? Dave makes it sound easy. This is what we ended up with. No clear skies. Just a thick haze completely covering the sky. Even though we were 50km or so from the city, the reflection of the city lights was strong on the low haze and the sky was rendered many shades of orange, pink and purple.

It was very cold so our session was kept short. I used my flash and a flashlight to paint light on the viewer and the other images were taken hand held while walking back to the car. The weather is getting warmer now and I will be heading out again soon.

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